October 12, 2018
For your prayer and reflection this week some adapted words from my pastor colleague Steve Garnaas-Holmes and his "Unfolding Light" blog:
My complaint is bitter; 
                  God's hand is heavy despite my groaning. 
         … I would lay my case before God, 
                  and fill my mouth with arguments.
         … But on the left God hides, and I cannot behold God; 
                  I turn to the right, but I see nothing.
                        —Job 23.2, 4, 9

How could God let terrible things happen?
Get it out. Say it. 
God can take it. 

Stuff happens. 
Evil happens. People who hurt do awful things.
God does do something about that.
God sends us to heal, to do justice.

Who is God is anyway? Some guy?
God is not a person. God is Love.
Not just a loving person, but Love Itself.
The Divine Energy, the Heart of All Things,
not some guy at a control panel.
Love manipulates nothing but changes everything.
Love is the gravity, the light, the Oneness,
the air in which everything unfolds.
Even loss. Even evil. 
Your very anger at God is God, loving, longing. 

When you look and can't find God 
you're looking for a guy. 
Stop. Look for Love. 
Love isn't “somewhere.” Love is,
weeping, singing, pouring forth in the darkness.
Let even your rage be love.
Let go of complaining about the darkness,
and let the light pour. 
And also a litany for survivors of sexual assault from “”

We rejoice in the knowledge that there is love loud enough, bright enough, powerful enough to shine through the darkness. Love is seen in the support of allies, the gifting of survivor’s stories, the prayers of many. Allow this love to enter into our hearts, give us the ability to know it, and feel it, and allow it to do a work of healing.

This Sunday, I am really looking forward to Mirabai Devi joining us again for a Divine Light service and Dinner Church.  Mirabai has been a great spiritual mentor to me over the years, and really embodies the unconditional love we talk about so often.  I hope you can join us, and invite a friend.  Download a flyer here.  If you can bring a dish, that would be great, as we'll have a bigger crowd than usual.  Here is a signup link to contribute something for the meal. 

Lastly, next Sunday 10/21 I will be preaching at 10am at one of our partner churches, the Eliot Church of Newton, and leading a discussion/forum after church.  Though I've invited you the last two Sundays when I've preached in Natick, but I would really encourage you to join next Sunday if you can.  More next week too about our exciting Nature/Beauty walk and our first ever Agape retreat (info about both is below)

With you today in letting your light shine,


Dinner Church- with special guest Mirabai Devi
Sunday, October 14th at 5pm
Intercultural Center (ICC), Brandeis University
For more info about Mirabai Devi: 
Check out the flier here.
Here is a signup link to contribute something for the meal. 

October 20- Super Saturday- Keefe Tech, Framingham- All Day large church event with worship/workshops, etc.
More details and register here:

Nature/Beauty Walk 
October 21st at 2pm at Wellesley College
Let’s meet for a Fall Beauty Walk around Lake Waban, Wellesley.  We will meet at the parking lot in green on the map (attached) at the Wellesley campus.  If that lot is full, there is another across the street on Route 16.  The walk is 2.8 miles from parking lot to the end of the walk which is circular walk around Lake Waban with many beautiful nature views.  Afterwards, we can go nearby to a Dunkies that has tables grouped together and talk about what we saw.  You might want to take pictures!  Wear good walking shoes, sneakers are fine.  Please see attached map to mark the correct lot. Please let Maria know who is coming.  Cell is 781-249-6340.

Agape Retreat
Friday night October 26 & Saturday October 27
Congregational Church of Weston
130 Newton St, Weston, MA 02493
We will be having our first ever Agape retreat!  One of our partner churches, the Congregational Church of Weston, has graciously agreed to let us use their space.  Come to bond, have fun, engage in spiritual practices, and deepen our community connection.  We’ll close with a potluck lunch and walking the labyrinth together.
Childcare provided for kids.
Friday October 26: 7:15pm-8:45pm: Opening & Connecting
Saturday October 27: Snacks and Gathering: 9:45am-10am
10am-12pm: Spiritual Practices & bonding
12pm-1:30pm: Lunch, Labyrinth walk, and closing

Halloween Party for Families at Home Suites Inn 
455 Totten Pond Road, Waltham
Sunday, October 28th, 3 p.m.
We are looking for volunteers! Eliot Church, 2nd Church, and hopefully Agape Spiritual Community are planning a Halloween Party for the families at Home Suites Inn. We will have refreshments, board games, decorating Halloween bags and “Trick or Trunk!” We are looking for individuals or families to come in costume (something simple is fine), decorate their cars and bring treats in their trunks. The children will decorate their bags and fill them with candy from the trunks. There is a large parking lot so we have room for many cars. Our children and youth are invited to hand out treats or join the families in decorating a bag and collecting treats, then enjoy refreshments ad games inside. This is an opportunity for many of us to play a part in this fun outreach. We also need donations of Halloween cookies and small cupcakes. Please contact  Pastor Matt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Pastor Susan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  if you are willing to participate, and in what capacity. 

ARTChurch Dinner Church
Sunday, November 4th at 5pm
Intercultural Center (ICC), Brandeis University
Come, experience the Holy—and the holy in each other—through the images, colors, themes and creative energies of art, the artist’s perspective and that which is seen by the observer.  We’ll do some of the things we always do in services—sing, pray and share—and some new creating as we discover ways that God is speaking through the experience. Come for a multi-sensory experience that will nurture the spirit and feed the soul!

Agape 2018 events and directions are at this link:
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 774-270-2185).  

If you would like to make a love donation to support the unfoldment of Agape's vision in the world of living and spreading unconditional love, you can do so at the link below, or checks can be made out to "MACUCC" with "Agape" in the memo line (and mailed to 106 Stearns Hill Rd., Waltham, MA 02451).