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August 3, 2017

Faith is a feeling; a belief; a trusting.
Faith is a feeling; a belief; a trusting.
Doubt, likewise, is a feeling.
But both are gifts.
Doubt is your left brain analyzing, judging, and questioning.
There is a place for that on the spiritual journey.
It is good and right to have a healthy level of skepticism of religion and religious authority,particularly with all the ways religion can and has been misused.
While doubt has its place on the spiritual journey,so does faith.
Faith is a right brain activity, not left-brain.
Faith is not believing everything we think,but trusting in our deepest intuition.
Faith is listening to our clearest, purest voice within that always speaks of love and service.
Faith is a radical act of opening, listening, and trust.
There is a place for doubt on the spiritual journey,and a place for faith.
Make space for both.
Doubt will allow you to question and grow.
But faith?
It is your faith that will make you well.