May 17, 2019
For your prayer and reflection this week: 
Care for yourself is not separate from care for others.
That is why the self-care movement has taken off.
We are beginning to realize that the more we care for ourself, 
the better able we are to care for others.
The more we invest in our own healing, 
the better able we will be at aiding others in their own healing journey.
Care for self and care for others are not separate, 
but intricately intertwined and interconnected.
While some point to laziness as a danger, 
that is the exception rather than the rule.

The self-care movement has seen two down sides:
It has been given more lip service 
than actual integrated practice.
Companies, Universities, nonprofits, yes, even churches, 
expect more work from less people.
With our smartphones, we are expected to be ON 24/7.
We are expected to be all things to all people.
Part of self-care is transforming institutional culture. 
Part of self-care is unlearning our people-pleasing- 
having the courage to say “No” 
and the wisdom to know when to say “Yes.”
Part of self-care is making care of us a priority 
amidst life’s crazy schedules.

Self-Care is also limited in that it communicates the message 
that we can do it all on our own.
Without the support of loved ones, family, community, 
and the grace of God, 
self-care is destined to fail.
Maybe in faith circles we should call it “Soul-Care.”
We invest in our care, 
but also connect to the God who loves us beyond imagining and desires our very best. 
Lastly, we are held up by the perfectly imperfect family of God 
who act as instruments of Divine grace.
What a blessing!

Friends, I am really looking forward to our "Self-Care Day" on Sunday.  I'm excited and grateful to our dear Misty De Berry, who is also a Reiki Teacher, who will be helping lead and guide our time together  Sunday.  Please remember we'll be at 50 Church St. in Waltham, not Brandeis :)

We have a couple events coming up in June, including an all-ages trail cleanup day in partnership with the Waltham Land Trust June 1st, and a final dinner church June 9th before the summer slow down.  From Dawn's survey a couple weeks ago, there seems to be enough interest for a "Faith and Film" night in July (we are thinking Sunday, July 7th).  Let us know if you have ideas for movies we could watch.  We are thinking July's gathering could be an intergenerationally-friendly movie.  Whatever suggestions you make could be up for future Faith and Film gatherings :).  Any ideas, please send along. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

With you today in honoring the Divine that dwells in you, me, and everyone, no exceptions!


Agape Self-Care Day for Adults 
with Reiki Teacher Misty De Berry
Sunday, May 19th at 5pm 
50 Church St., Waltham 02452
Come, fill your cup with reiki, arts and crafts, journaling/creative writing, and other spiritual practices.  How grateful we are to have a day to care for our bodies, minds, and souls.  Deep gratitude to our dear Misty for leading us.
Initiating Inspiration Book Group
May 20th from 7:15-8:45pm
Waltham Public Library
Agape, in partnership with the Waltham Public Library, is leading a book group focused on inspirational, empowering, and spiritual readings. This group meets every other month. The March book is "Before Happiness" by Shawn Anchor. All are welcome whether you've read the book or not. Please reach out to the Library for book availability.

Agape Visioning and Sustainability with Rev. Don Remick
Tuesday June 4th at 7:15pm
50 Church St., Waltham
Agape has been thinking more and more this year about sustainability and our vision. Vision is always our first priority as a community. Sustainability is also an issue for any new church. When you start something new, it takes time to build the systems and structures to support the vision. As we continue to live into these questions, we invite you to be part of a conversation with Rev. Don Remick about sustainability with Agape going forward. 

Agape Service Saturday: National Trails Day
Saturday, June 1st  9:30am-11:30am
Meeting at parking lot of AutoZone on Lexington Street near Demo’s in Waltham.
In coordination with Waltham Land Trust, come out and on National Trails Day to do some trail cleanup!  We are doing a cleanup of the soon-to-be Mass Central Rail Trail from 9:30 to 11:30. Meet in the parking lot of AutoZone on Lexington Street near Demo’s. Wear long pants/sleeves and closed-toed shoes. Kids welcome to participate. This is an easy path where there should be lots of litter to remove.
Agape Dinner Church
Sunday, June 9th at 5pm 
Intercultural Center (ICC), Brandeis University
Agape upcoming events and directions are at this link:  

If you would like to make a love donation to support the unfoldment of Agape's vision in the world of living and spreading unconditional love, you can do so at the link below, or checks can be made out to "MACUCC" with "Agape" in the memo line (and mailed to 106 Stearns Hill Rd., Waltham, MA 02451).