Waltham Cable Access Channel: A Progressive Christian Voice
Minister Matt and Father Ángel Marrero have begun hosting a new show on Waltham's cable channel, the Waltham Cable Access Corporation. The show is "A Progressive Christian Voice". 
Episode 1 The first show is a discussion of how faith connects with politics this election season. In this first show, Matt and Ángel spend some time introducing themselves and the vision for their new start up communities in Waltham, Agape Spritual Community and Santuariio Waltham. 
Episode 2 The second show is a discussion on contemplation and action in our post-election reality. 
Episode 3 The third show is a discussion about the interrsection between scripture and sexuality. This show explores some of the interpretations of what scripture says about topics such as divorce, household gender roles, and abortion etc.
Episode 4 Father Angel and Reverend Matt talk about racism and the current climate of our country, among other things
What is Agape?  Find out here on Discover Waltham's first show aired November 9th, 2016 (on Waltham Community Access Corporation).